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Tipps für Gehörlose und Menschen mit einge- schränkter Hörfähigkeit    >>weiter

Tipps für Blinde und Menschen mit eingeschränkter Sehfähigkeit

Volunteer Petra Lange
NACHRUF Dirk Janczewski


Das Schloss Herten im Kreis Recklinghausen
Herten castle, near Recklinghausen

Are you planning a visit to the Cultural Metropolis Ruhr? Then this page is just right for you. We have set it up in order to help you find a hotel – or any other accommodation – which best suits your individual needs.

As a first point of contact, we would like to suggest to you the hotel booking portal run by our co-operation partner RUHR.TOURISMUS.

To supplement their information, we have gone the extra mile and visited those hotels which we consider especially suitable, in order to provide you with more detailed information and photos of the accommodation and its environment. This should enable you to literally ‘get a picture’ of whether the envisaged accommodation is really going to meet your required standards.

In order to make this search easy and simple for you we are providing separate entries for all participating towns, municipalities and administrative districts. So should you, for example, be looking for a hotel in Dortmund, you click on "Dortmund" in the list below. After clicking on your desired location, you will receive information about particularly recommendable accommodations in the respective area.

For useful information to plan your route of arrival and other details of your journey, click HERE.